What is Arena Training Management?

Arena’s Training Management software is a cloud-based solution that ensures regulatory and corporate compliance, increases effectiveness for training programs, and streamlines training processes. It helps you create and manage your employee and partner training plans, with a single secure system connected to your product and quality processes.

What does Training Management?

With Arena Training, you can create, manage, and track individual or role-based group training plans. Configurable training quizzes help medical device companies comply with ISO 13485:2016 requirements. Easy to configure quizzes provide evidence that employees demonstrate their understanding of policies, SOPs, and other training materials. With automated training processes and notifications, you can create new training assignments and retrain as your processes and procedures change.

Ensuring Compliance

Arena Training offers companies an easier way to ensure training compliance with internal employees and external partners. Leveraging Arena’s product realization and quality processes, managers can create, manage, and track training plans to ensure training excellence. This reduces audit stress and costly non-compliance warnings that may result in severe penalties. Most importantly, Arena Training frees your team to keep your primary focus on delivering high quality products to market.


  • Simplifies audit compliance with easy access and better control of training plans, employee and partner records, and training materials in a single system.
  • Delivers a single system for training records, product information, issues, change records, and quality processes.
  • Provides automated notifications, scheduled retraining events, and increased training awareness via user-specific dashboards.
  • Helps address ISO 13485:2016 compliance with proof of competency via quizzes. You can create multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers and provide instant feedback during the quiz process.

Who Cares?

Arena Training enables everyone on your team—users, managers, and auditors—to quickly see training plans and progress by procedures, employees, partners, plans, or products.

  • Executives will always know whether employees or partners are trained on latest policies, procedures, and work instructions.
  • Training managers across the organization can efficiently manage training plans and monitor progress for every employee or partner.
  • Regulatory and compliance managers will have ready access with traceability for regulated environments subject to FDA, ISO, OSHA, and other regulatory or compliance initiatives.
  • Supply chain partners will know they are always following the appropriate policies and procedures to speed delivery of high quality products.


Training Checklist

Ensures regulatory and corporate training compliance

Software Can Increase Effectiveness

Increases effectiveness of your training program

Automation icon

Automates and streamlines the training process

save money with training management software

Reduces administrative overhead and cost

What’s Unique

Arena Training leverages the documents you’re already controlling in Arena. Unlike outdated standalone training management software applications — which often result in defective products, warning letters or compliance fines — Arena Training enhances compliance with training records connected to product record and quality processes.

Results Training Management

With Arena Training, compliance in regulated and standards based environments has never been easier. Arena Training software supports audits by maintaining a complete audit trail of all training records. You can be confident your product teams are trained on all required policies and procedures.