TABB Interior Systems also chooses to implement Arena PLM

TABB Interior Systems

TABB Interior Systems is inspired by the shapes and structures of nature, such as the honeycomb structure, which forms the core of TABB’s products in lightweight aluminum sandwich panels.

Applications of Aluminium Sandwich Panels

The lightweight aluminum sandwich panels from TABB have many applications, such as interior panels for trains, buses, subways, trams and ships. The engineering team of TABB develops a beautiful and manufacturable design together with customers from concept to product.

Train where panels produced by tabb interiors are used

Application of Arena PLM

All product information in one centrally accessible product Data Backbone. Including workflows for approving product changes and a system that supports ISO certification. An integration between Arena PLM and Proteus ERP is active, so that further logistics can take place in Proteus ERP.

The designs are stored with all details such as drawings and specifications in Arena PLM as a version, including changes that are implemented afterwards. This way, the employees of TABB Interiors know exactly which version has to be made and clients receive the right product plug and play. All parties involved are included in a change via a Routing in Arena and can approve or comment on it.

Routings / Workflows

A routing (workflow) is a sequence of steps assigned to various employees and / or clients. This routing can be created and changed in Arena itself, no IT or scripting is required for this. A fast and flexible system that can be easily applied.